No cap un cap més entre tants caps


The main idea was to create a coloring book for boys and girls, as well as other short humans. But as the days went by everything looked more like a horror show than an artifact intended for the kids.

Pages and more pages with illustrations of heads. They appear in chronological order, from the first one spawned on January 4 to the last one completed on March 24.
About 2,600 heads and other forms with faces, as well as nearly 150 additional faces, a human body, a torso and a finger.

Improvised heads, drawn directly with fineliner pen and markers on paper without any previous pencil drawing except for the last illustration. Drawings that have not been retouched once they have been completed, thus preserving all their errors.

+ 450 pages.
+ 15 x 22,5 cm
+ All text written in Catalan.

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